Choose a place in London which has undergone or is undergoing gentrification. Make preliminary drawings which relate to the effect of people on the environment and the economy. Produce a series of 4 drawings illustrations which convey the gentrification in your chosen place.

I began the project by visiting a variety of places in London to make myself more aware of the places which are undergoing gentrification. Along with this I made a trip to the Tate Britain in Chelsea to sketch these topics and see the work which had links to this theme.


Christo and Jeanne Claude's work really inspired me at this point. The drawings they made when planning the installations and covering of buildings are particularly beautiful in the use of annotations and detailed fabric textures. Overall I liked the collage looking style which is very loose and free whilst being technical and systematic.

My final 4 illustrations

I experimented primarily with acrylics to make textures on paper and then began to collage in photographs I had taken in Poplar and Canary Wharf. Sgraffito: a technique where oil pastel is covered with a layer of acrylic, left to dry and then scratched away like a drawing was something I wanted to improve at so I began implementing this technique and layering it over the textures. This was really successful and the contrast between illustrative style and hard graphic images was very strong. This contrast reflected the 2 places: Canary Wharf and Poplar which are dramatically opposite but neighbour each other. 

The final 4 illustrations strongly portray the varied amounts of gentrification within the borough of Tower Hamlets and show the effect on the people who cause it and are the victims. I could develop these further by researching more into the people and perhaps looking at placing them on the collages in a conceptual way.


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