Create a network (which must not be digital based) for people that have a common interest. Advertise the network in a suitable way in order to create an event or meet up and document the process.

For this brief I thought about different things people have in common or things that could bring them together. Within CSM there are many students which has skills in particular areas but lack them in others. As a graphic design student myself i find myself wanting to improve editorial and layout design but I lack content to include. A fashion student may have a series of photographs they would like to advertise but not have the necessary skills to make this design. 


My idea concentrates on exactly this situation by creating a platform for students to exchange skills and get involved with other projects.


The idea of the jazz box is based around a glittery box inviting people to write down their skills on a slip of paper and leave in the box. I would then sort the cards and contact each person with the most suited partner to them.


The sorting process of this idea is a downside as a lot of time is wasted and there is no real choice for each person. In order to solve this problem, all of the skills and contact details would need to be shown publicly. Th wall on the street?


Bright colours and vector shapes will stand out the most for students and entice them to fill in the forms! I went on to use a range of colour palettes similar to these for my design explorations.

A range of pink tone designs were successful but the feedback I received at my interim crit lead me to believe they were not friendly for both genders. As well as this I felt they did not stand out enough or give space for the skills to be noted down. Finally, a description or example of someone wanting to exchange skills was a good idea so students can see what the point of the skill share was.


I feel I have shown a lot of trial and development throughout the course of this project as there was a constant assessment on the upsides and downsides of each idea. After designing researching what was missing from uni and what was needed I focused on a design which linked airplane logos to connecting with other students in a network. Moving this forward I then brought in areas of text which made the aim more clear for the audience leading me to the yellow and black posters, leaflets and business cards which are interactive and placed on an easily seen and accessed wall in the CSM street. The design is sound, simple and loud. It communicates the skill share well and has already had a great amount of use. 


After selecting my focus for the network I had to choose an appropriate publication or design to interest people to want to exchange skills. I thought about the areas of the uni people spend the most time. The canteen, street and library were the most popular 3 places. 


I was inspired by a range of logo designs which had simplistic symbols related to the word 'connect'. A particular favourite of mine was the paper airplane - as well as it symbolising a message being spread, it is a nice icon and could be developed into my own paper airplane structures which would display the information in the street at CSM.


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