BRIEF: Research into interaction and development in design and create an A1 Black and white poster that conceptually and visually describes an aspect of design.

I began my research by looking into things which would grab the audience's attention and be eye catching. This I then narrowed down to controversial issues such as racism, sexism, abortion and the law. This was as interesting concept and the work of Saul Bass and Tibor Kalman both inspired my work greatly.

As a more finalised design I decided to work with an actual bible by selecting controversial sentences or highlighting words which could be seen to cause a stir. This scanned in and moved around digitally also proved to be quite nice as a starting point.

At this point I assessed the work I had done for this project up to this point and whether it was filled the brief so far. I found that although the tops I had looked at were eye catching and would make an interesting poster they did not focus directly at a visual rule of design. 

IDEA CHANGE: Although the grid is commonly said to be the number 1 system of design to be used in all approaches, I  wanted to challenge the belief by expressing the need to create good design free from this use. Thinking about what I could say I narrowed down my target audience to my class peers and focused on words they would commonly come across when arguing something.


The final design seen above uses visual images of geometric nets and linear shapes which are connected to the word 'grid.' I played with inverting aspects and adding disjointed text which I was inspired by from the work of Wolfgang Weingart and 'breaking the grid'


Typography, layout, scale, line, image, audience, grid, hierarchy.


Putting together the handwritten text along with imagery from inside a sweat shop allowed me to work up some draft layouts of compositions. Each element was not directly related and therefore the content was not suitable to move forwards with. I looked at the work of and in particular 'Piss Christ', a very famous piece which controversially mocks Christianity by Andress Serrano submerging a figure of Christ in urine.

Overall I think the idea is quite sound and each element works together well. 

With various mediums I began to create writing which was controversial or could be a good phrase which would be eye catching.

Scanned in handwriting which I had then digitally edited had a really nice feel about it I thought could work well with imagery on my poster.

Focusing on typography I explored a range of styles which I could play around with. Distortion really stood out for me as it could be achieved through a range of methods such as scanning in type, using water to move the letters and 3d photoshop effects.


Наталья Кныш
15 June 2018, 6:49

Спасибо! Интересно так :)
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