Research into different beliefs or religions and visually portray them in a suitable way for a chosen audience.


After visiting the Welcome Collection and looking into Buddhism I learnt about the 5 precepts, (5 things which are believed by Buddhists). I wanted to educate children about the religion in a way that would grab their attention. The images below inspired my style of working greatly and lead me to create drawings in the style of the old Japanese woodblocks prints.

A planned out compositions which would feature characters in situations which visually explained the 5 precepts of Buddhism. Some worked well and others not so well. After redrawing each one I had 5 which were strong and I went on to watercolour.

Trials in black and white were carried out but they were ruled out as they lacked personality.


The final 5 images feature the characters showing actions which portray the 5 precepts of Buddhism. The colours are soft and work well with the line style. These I then made into posters and a set of small cards which were more interactive and therefore better for my target audience. Although the posters are visually beautiful they lack a little context and could be developed further which I have done.

This simple pencil drawing was done as a quick visual to mark this famous style but actually went on to help me shape my finalised designs.

The colour palette used on these illustrations paired with the vertical line pattern make them soft and quite emotive. I went on to look at other references which used other colours and then chose my final design.

Hard edged and very different to my other references, I liked this for its simplicity and ability to tell a story in very little lines and shapes with only 1 single colour.


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